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19 Days

January 25, 2010

With the 2010 sturgeon spearing season only 19 days away, shanties are starting to cover the lake. The last week was a little hard on the ice, but with the colder temperatures coming up this week the inches should build up again. As always, be careful on the ice and always know where you are. There have been many recent problems around Buoy 100 near Menasha’s Jefferson park that I’m sure most are familiar with.

Looks like the 2010 sturgeon spearing gear is out at the local bars. Wendt’s on the Lake is selling decoys, hats, sweatshirts, pins and is also holding a sturgeon contest: * Must be signed in by 2/12/2010 @ Midnight; *Linda is paying $10.00 a pound for the first Sturgeon over 200 lbs!; *Must be registered at Wendt’s and be on the contest; (*Once Mounted the Sturgeon will remain in “Wendt’s possession in order to receive your winnings.”). I would recommend stopping for dinner while you’re there–the perch is pretty hard to beat. Many bars around the lake sell their own gear, so check them out before it’s gone for the season.

If you’re new to the blog, check out the “Project” tab above–I’m a photographer looking forward to documenting the 2010 season of sturgeon spearing. I’ve collected a few other photographers and together we will photograph as much of Lake Winnebago as possible during the season. The photographs will hang in a gallery in April and will be collected in a book available for purchase. I want to share the experience of sturgeon spearing with others and create a document for those who participate. I’m looking for good places to photograph, stories, family sturgeon spearing photographs, unique shanties, and anything else that I can collect. If you would like to be a part of the project, send me an email!

I’ll leave you with this classic Wisconsin song about sturgeon spearing that was posted on the Sturgeon Spearing Facebook page–only in Wisconsin, that’s all that I can say.

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