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9 days!

February 4, 2010

The 2010 season of sturgeon spearing is only 9 days away–time is flying.  I got my ticket for the Sturgeon for Tomorrow Banquet and hope to see you there.  Aside from that  I’ll be out on Lake Winnebago this weekend scouting locations for photographs, checking out the conditions, and so on.  If you know of anything going on this weekend, I’d be happy to hear about it.  Check back for updates and photos!

Ron Bruch gave me an update and said that 10,860 licenses have been sold for the 2010 sturgeon spearing season.  Last year there were approximately 6,000 shacks on Lake Winnebago alone.  I’d say that’s pretty impressive.  I’ve posted this before, but make sure you read up on the regulations for the 2010 season since it’s just around the corner.

Make sure you check back for updates in the next few weeks–especially once the season starts.  I’ll be updating with info, numbers, and news from the ice daily along with plenty of photos–you might even see a few of  yourself.  I’ll see you on the ice.

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