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4 days!

February 9, 2010

It’s hard to believe the 2010 season is only 4 days away…time flies.  The weather is still looking pretty good for the weekend, although we’ll have to make it through the snow storm today first.  According to TMJ4, here in Milwaukee we can expect up to 16 inches of snow–things could get a bit crazy down here.  Looks like Appleton is expecting anywhere from a few inches to 10 inches.  I think I’m going to plan on a snow day, but I don’t want to get too excited quite yet.  At least that would give me some time to edit and load more photos!

The Post Crescent posted another article on the ice conditions:  “Ice plentiful, but Lake Winnebago still dangerous for sturgeon spearers

Although not sturgeon-related, I also found this article on the recent Asian carp problem:  “Asian carp invasion unlikely in Lake Winnebago

Is everyone ready to hit the ice?  I know my dad just put the finishing touches on his shack and is excited to get out there.  Surprisingly in the 22 years that I’ve lived on or near Lake Winnebago, I haven’t experienced the hole cutting so Friday should be fun for me.  Best of luck with your preparations, spearers!

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