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Only a few more hours…

February 12, 2010

Opening day comes in a few hours!  Today I spent the day out on the ice and met some wonderful people as always.  I started off of Firelane 8 and got some great shanty photos as well as found a few groups here and there cutting holes.  I ended up on the east side of the lake again by Harbor Bar and the Quinney Quencher.  There are a lot of shacks out there this year and definitely some very interesting and creative ones.  The water clarity was great on the north end of the lake and I found that most people could see straight to the bottom.  We measured the ice to be 21 inches in one hole.  The weather was beautiful and in the upper 20s, clear, sunny, and little to no wind until later in the afternoon.  The mornings and evenings get a bit chilly, but nothing unbearable.

Tomorrow, photographers Lauren Fischer and Corey Gaffer will also be working on this project and photograph the east side of the lake.  I will be on the west side working my way down to Wendt’s on the Lake.  Brendon Stefancic will also be taking video.

We will be out on the lake all day and hopefully load photos by a decent hour after the day is over, so keep stopping by the blog this week to see what’s happening on the rest of the lake.  I’ll also post updates from Ron Bruch and the DNR.

Thank you to everyone so far who has contributed to and taken interest in this documentary photography project!  Good luck and be safe!

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