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Sturgeon Spearing 2010, Day 2

February 14, 2010

What a day out on the lake today.  I had a full day of shooting from 7am-4pm with the help of photographer Lauren Fischer and Brendon Stefancic taking video.   We stayed on the north shore today and lucky we did because my dad, Joe Wisnet, speared an 88 lb. sturgeon just before 11am off of Firelane 8.  There was a lot of action on the north shore especially at Waverly Beach where the was a pretty steady flow of incoming sturgeon.  A good sized white sturgeon was registered there.  The water clarity was excellent and the weather a little chilly, but there hasn’t been any wind so everyone is thankful for that.

Watch for photos tonight of the action on the lake, registration stations, white sturgeon, and more!  I’ll try to do some catching up and continue to post photos from the last few days, as well.  I will also be posting video, photos, stories and more over the next few weeks, as well as posting sturgeon updates throughout the year, so please stop back to take a look–you can register to receive email updates to the right of the screen.   Good luck again tomorrow!

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