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Sturgeon Spearing 2010, Day 3 (Feb. 15)

February 16, 2010

Today was another great day of sturgeon spearing out on Lake Winnebago.  For a Monday the lake and registration stations were still pretty busy, although things have slowed down quite a bit since opening day.  I stuck to the north shore this morning driving on the ice near High Cliff and was able to talk to a few people here and there that I caught outside of the shacks.  The visibility above the ice wasn’t the greatest with the snow, but the water clarity was still great in the area according to many spearers.  I saw a few shacks leaving the ice, but found one group that just started cutting their hole.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to them, but am guessing they’re either getting a late start or decided to move to a better spot.

Remember to mark your hole as you remove your shack from the ice–when I was out photographing yesterday we came by a hole that wasn’t marked at all.  For anyone driving on Lake Winnebago that is unfamiliar, watch for stakes marking the large holes and steer clear.  I saw a few sturgeon come through the Town of Harrison registration station and will be sure to post photos asap.

Check Fox 11’s sturgeon spearing coverage for more info and read the Post Crescent’s article “Lake Winnebago sturgeon hunt nearing quotas“.   I spoke with the DNR after the reports came in earlier today and it looks like the season could come to a close in the next few days.

If you’re heading out again tomorrow, good luck!  For those who have already speared their sturgeon for the year, congrats!

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