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March 3, 2010

Here is an unedited preview of what I will be hanging in the gallery for my senior photography show in April.  I’ve gathered approx. 200 shots of shanties like these and will be printing them in a grid on one large sheet of paper.  I think the shanties are really interesting and truly capture the Wisconsin culture and spirit.  They are creative and entertaining to look at as each one has it’s own theme.  I plan on continuing this documentary project throughout the next few years and hope to create a book on sturgeon spearing once I have gathered more photos.  My plan is to cover everything that makes up the sturgeon spearing season (before, during, and after)–preparations for spearing, hole cutting, spearing, registration stations, and so on. There are over 4,000 shanites on Lake Winnebago alone, so I have a lot of photographing ahead of me!  Click on the ‘Project’ tab above to learn more about my project. In addition, I will be keeping up this blog for just as long so stop back for photos, info, updates on the project, and more.

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