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Lake Sturgeon Spawning in the News

April 19, 2010

Here are a few articles worth reading:

In the Journal Sentinel, “DNR staff implants sonar transmitters to track movements of prehistoric fish”

In the Post Crescent, “Sturgeon guards protect future of fish”

According to the Sturgeon Hotline (920.303.5444), sturgeon spawning should have wrapped up yesterday (Sunday) although there could be a few stragglers here and there.  Apparently yesterday there were still a lot of sturgeon at the Wolf River Sturgeon Trail viewing area and near the Shawano Dam, but not too much activity elsewhere.  That is the latest update I heard, but I will post anything new I here.

Here is a photo of my Dad and I at the opening of the UWM BFA photography show in front of my final piece.  It seems like a lot of people really enjoyed looking at the different shanties and were fascinated by the collection.  I love looking at the individual shanties–sturgeon spearers are extremely creative!  I’ll get some photos up of the piece as a whole and hopefully will find a spot in Appleton to hang it for everyone to see up there.

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