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It’s about time!

September 6, 2010

I figure it’s about time to get this blog up and running consistently again!  Sturgeon news in the summer is pretty slow, but as we enter fall there is a lot more going on.  I encourage everyone to sign up for the Sturgeon Release at the Riveredge Nature Center located in Thiensville Park of Thiensville, WI.  I attended the release last year and am planning on heading back again this year.  It’s a great time for everyone and you get to name and release your own tiny lake sturgeon fingerlings into the river (personally I find them quite adorable).  Check out the nature center’s website for more info!

Next weekend, on September 11, the Upper Lakes Sturgeon for Tomorrow Chapter will hold it’s 3rd Annual Fundraising Banquet at the Fremont Event Center.  Tickets are $30/person and there will be plenty of raffles and door prizes!  The evening starts at 5:00pm.  Call Matt at 920.582.0113 for tickets and more info.  Check back for updates on upcoming fundraising banquets (Southwest, North Half, and West Central chapter banquets still to come!).

There are only 159 days left until the 2011 sturgeon spearing season on Lake Winnebago and the upper lakes.  Sturgeon spearing license sales end October 31, so grab yours while you still can.  The spearing season opens on Saturday, February 12 of 2011.  If you can’t wait for the spearing season, check out the WI DNR site for select hook and line harvest lakes and rivers at

On a different note, there will be plenty of photos coming yet again this year as I cover all the sturgeon events that I can.  I will be documenting the sturgeon release again this year and hope to make it to a fundraising banquet also.  Then once the season starts up, I will be back out on the ice documenting everything I can until the very end.  In between now and then I plan on doing more research, talking with those involved, and getting any photos I can in the meantime.  So stay tuned because this is just the beginning of round 2!  Please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email any time if you have any questions or are interested in becoming a part of my project.  I’m looking for great stories, family photos, photo opportunities, sturgeon spearing tips and tricks, sturgeon spearing gear and items for sale, and more.


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