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The Winnebago Lake Sturgeon blog is 1 year old today!

January 11, 2011

Hard to believe it has been a full year since I started this blog and a little over a year since this entire project began.  Those who know me have a good laugh whenever I get excited about sturgeon spearing and the upcoming season because it is such an unlikely interest of mine since I’ve never actually been spearing, or even fishing more than once or twice for that matter.  Something about it just gets me excited every time I think or hear about it.  It’s such a unique and mildly crazy event that I think I’m hooked for life.

I think the main reason that motivates me to write and photograph sturgeon spearing (aside from documenting the season for the spearers) is the reaction I get when I tell someone about sturgeon spearing for the first time.  They give you that look like you’ve just come from another planet and immediately have questions.  “You really take off of work for a week to wake up at 5am, sit in a tiny hut in the middle of a frozen lake, and stare in a hole for hours?”  “Sturgeon can weigh over 212 pounds?!” “Shanties for sturgeon spearing?  Flying barb spears?  Sturgeon decoys?”  “What?!?  Why?!?”  I greatly enjoyed such reactions to my print of 143 shanties and promise many, many more photos.  I look forward to someday soon filling a gallery with a collection of sturgeon spearing photos as well as filling the pages of a book to continue to show the world what sturgeon spearing in Wisconsin is all about.

Don’t forget that I am always interested in hearing from you!  Leave a comment or send a message to with stories, photos, tips & tricks, questions, and more.  Have something to add to the blog?  Let me know!

Sturgeon in the news:

Take a look at this report by WBAY Action 2 News discussing the rise in the amount of sturgeon speared in the last few years:  “More Sturgeon for Tomorrow
Can you believe only 225 sturgeon were harvested in 2006 versus the 1,820 sturgeon in 2010?

It looks like the the sturgeon spearing season on Black Lake in Michigan the week before the season on the Winnebago system:  “Black Lake sturgeon season opens February 5

Get your 2011 sturgeon gear from Wendt’s on the Lake–for photos of the gear, find Wendt’s on Facebook.  Also check out the latest ice conditions on their website:

Here’s to many more great years of blogging and photographing!

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  1. Jon L permalink
    January 11, 2011 10:53 pm

    I remember fishing in 2006. That was a bad year. You could only see down a few feet and I believe the ice was really thin. We ended up tying 10 foot or so lengths of fishing line to nuts and/or washers and then the other end of the line to packing peanuts. Then we waited for one or two to move before throwing the spear. I believe my dads cousin ended up getting one that way that year.

    • January 12, 2011 3:07 pm

      Interesting idea Jon–in those conditions I’m impressed anyone was able to spear a strugeon. Let’s hope that the water is clear again this year and the ice stays thick!

  2. Dan permalink
    January 12, 2011 2:57 pm

    You have done an awesome job on this website, I visit it often. Hope to see you again this year.

  3. Ron Deiss permalink
    July 18, 2011 1:10 pm

    Does anyone have any old sturgeon spearing decoys for sale? I am interested in old ice spearing photographs as well.

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