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Looking to buy a new sturgeon spear?

January 17, 2011

Sturgeon Spears made by Doug Mader & Phil Vanboomen

On Friday I tagged along with sturgeon spearer Brian Lynch who introduced me to sturgeon spear makers Doug Mader and Phil Verboomen at Advantage Machine in Kaukauna.  They make some of the most amazing spears I think you’ll find.  Doug made his first spear in a high school class and has now been fabricating spears for about 20 years.  He estimates that he has sold approximately 600 spears so far which is an amazing number once you see the work these guys put into each one.

Doug and Phil have perfected the sturgeon spear down to every last detail and designed each and every single piece for the best performance possible.  They currently produce 3 different detachable spear heads:  a V head, 5 tine head, and 6 tine head.  They also offer a choice of wide or narrow flippers (flying barbs) which are intricately cut with a waterjet.  In addition, they offer a wood/aluminum or stainless steel/aluminum handle.  Both handles break down into 2 pieces for easy transportation.  Each spear is 8 feet tall and can weigh 14-18 pounds depending on the spear components.  The spears with the wood handles are in the 14 pound range whereas spears with stainless steel and aluminum handles are in the 18 pound range.  Because of their design, the detachable spear head will never spin, the rope won’t tangle around the handle, and the spear will shoot straight in the water due to the lack of a knot in the rope or any other disruptions.  Doug even engraves each spear handle with his name and phone number in case your spear ever needs a repair.  They also sell gaff hooks made of stainless steel with wood/aluminum handles.

Gaff Hook for Sturgeon Spearing

Prices for the spears and gaff hooks are as follows:
5-tine V Head Spear with wide flippers:  $275
5-tine Spear with narrow flippers:  $225
6-tine Spear with wide flippers:  $290
Gaff Hook:  $40
(Wide flippers and V heads are an additional $25 each.)

Contact Doug at 920.205.0237 if you are interested in purchasing a spear.  The spears are also available at Tews Two Sporting Goods in Oshkosh as well as Vinland Still & Grill in Neenah.  If you’d like to see one, you can also stop by Countryside Bar to take a look at one on display.

A special thanks to Brian, Doug, and Phil!

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  1. Robert Winkler permalink
    February 15, 2013 11:38 pm

    i own one of your 5 tine spears and love it ive got 2 sturgeon with it so far and im looking to buy another this year so i was wondering where you were located so i can get another spear from you thanks

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