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January 27, 2011

Winnebago Lake Sturgeon Blog on

Outdoor Life put together an online gallery
of photos and info about sturgeon spearing in Wisconsin–take a look!  You’ll find some photos and quotes from the Winnebago Lake Sturgeon blog. For those of you who just heard of sturgeon spearing for the first time, here is a summary of my thoughts on the sport:

To many, the unique sport of sturgeon spearing may seem strange, a little crazy, and quite comical, but to the spearers on the Lake Winnebago system, it’s something to live for. Yes the meat of the lake sturgeon is edible, but spearing is about so much more than putting dinner on the table. Sturgeon spearing is a tradition that began in 1932 and has been carried through generations of family members as spears, shacks, and decoys are passed on to the younger ones. It’s a friendly competition among buddies to see who can spear the record breaking sturgeon and who has the most creative shack and decoy. Sturgeon spearing is an enormous social gathering across the lake and in the surrounding communities. Talk of sturgeon is heard for miles and fills the local bars, restaurants, and sturgeon registration stations as spearers gather to share stories from the ice. The season gives Wisconsinites something to be excited about in the dead cold of winter. Maybe most importantly though, sturgeon spearing is about respect for an ancient fish and an educational opportunity for the thousands of all ages that witness the event each year. The lake sturgeon population is thriving in the Lake Winnebago system because of the dedication from so many to save them. The lake sturgeon that spearers bring in offer the Wisconsin DNR an opportunity to better understand the life of the sturgeon, conduct research, and continue to help the populations grow here and around the world.

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