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81.5 Hours To Go!

February 8, 2011

Congrats to the Packers on their 4th Superbowl victory! It’s time to follow a great season of football with a great season of sturgeon spearing!

Lake Winnebago on Feb. 8, 2011

I made it out to Lake Winnebago today but wasn’t out there long in the windy, 8 degree weather–good weather for that kiteboarder, though.  I’m happy to hear that it should be around 31 degrees on Saturday!  I stopped at Waverly Beach and the registration is just waiting to weigh in that first sturgeon.  There is quite a bit of snow on the ice this year–I didn’t dare drive onto it with my car (which could barely handle the snowy parking lot much less anything worse).  Four-wheel drive is a must and a plow would definitely be helpful in spots.  There are a few shacks out there already and some being hauled onto the ice.  I also stopped by the boat landing on Firelane 8 where a few trucks seemed to be having some trouble getting out too far on the ice road, but I’m not sure what exactly was going on.  They were going pretty slow and a few turned around to head back for land.  It looked like a pickup truck pulling a shanty got stuck pretty good, but again I was unable to drive out and see what was happening (pictured above).  I did hear from a few people that the snow is thick–trucks and shanties are getting stuck and even damaged.  Has anyone else had trouble on the lake?  As always, just be careful out there!

I’ll be out on the lake again Thursday (in a better vehicle this time) to get some photos and video of hole cutting.  Along with the thousands of photographs I plan on shooting throughout the season, I’m hoping to put together a short video on sturgeon spearing.  I’ll keep you posted on that and of course will be loading plenty of photos every day now so check back often.  I’m also excited to have a GPS this year so I can track where I’ve been.  I’ll post my routes at the end of each day so you can see what areas of the lake the photos and information are coming from.

Here’s a recent Post Crescent article:  “Stockbridge looks forward to sturgeon hunt

And read over this article on the Journal Sentinel online: “Winnebago sturgeon fishery transformed into world’s largest

I called the Black Lake sturgeon hotline and learned that the 2011 spearing season ended at noon on February 5 (opening day) once the 7 sturgeon quota was met. Short 4 hour season for everyone in Michigan! I haven’t found too much news on this yet, but will post if I learn more.

And lastly, here is a video of Dick Braasch I found making caviar for anyone who is curious:

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