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<66 Hours to Sturgeon Spearing Season 2011

February 9, 2011

Weather for Sturgeon Spearing

The countdown to opening day continues with less than 66 hours left before the 2011 season of sturgeon spearing begins at 6:30am on Saturday, Feb. 12th!  And look at that forecast (–it’s a balmy 1 degree today, but by Saturday and Sunday temperatures should be in the 30’s.  I’ll welcome a heat wave like that any day.  Tomorrow the lakes (Winnebago, Poygan, Winneconne, and Butte des Morts) will be covered with thousands of people as the shanties hit the ice and spearers prepare for Saturday.  The sound of chainsaws will be heard for miles and the excitement will continue to build.  I would imagine the prospect of spearing a sturgeon that breaks last year’s record of 212 lbs. is on ever spearer’s mind.

For those of you that have been to the Winnebago Lake Sturgeon blog before, I hope that you’ve had a chance to explore the site and enjoy the content.  For those of you that are new visitors, here’s a little rundown on what it’s all about.  My name is Stephanie Wisnet and over the past 18 months I’ve taken it upon myself to research and document the sturgeon culture in Wisconsin.  Although not a spearer myself, I have grown up around the sport and as I began to realize the uniqueness of sturgeon spearing and the conservation efforts here, I became more and more interested.  Growing up in Appleton, it never occurred to me that there might be someone out there that wasn’t familiar with lake sturgeon or sturgeon spearing.  Well now I know better and as a photographer I am looking to share this sport with the world through this blog, photographs, and eventually a book.

Here you will find daily updates on weather and ice conditions on the lake, information I collect from spearers, registration stations, and around the lake, updates from the DNR’s Ron Bruch and local news sources, daily harvest totals, and more.  You will also find hundreds of photos and video.  Also click on the tabs at the top of the page for more info (Sturgeon Spearing 2011, Lake Sturgeon, Equipment & Gear, Links, and more).  Just as I did last year, I will travel around Lake Winnebago from Thursday to the end of the spearing season so check back often!

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Lastly, in the news:

On Post Crescent online:  “Stockbridge combines sport and culture of annual sturgeon spearing hunt

See you on the ice tomorrow!

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