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February 10, 2011 on Lake Winnebago

February 10, 2011

Route around and across Lake Winnebago on 02-10-2011

Today when I began my adventure it was about -6 degrees but the sky was clear and the sun was shining.  It turned out to be a beautiful day on the lake as some started to get ready on the ice for the 2011 sturgeon spearing season.  Above you can view my tracks around and across the lake.  I started at the boat landing on Firelane 8, but there really wasn’t too much action–just a few vehicles and shanties here and there.  I moved onto the Sherwood boat landing off of State Park Rd. and as you can see, took the ice road out for 4 miles.  I stopped at the last of the marker trees and headed back, but it looked like it was plowed a little beyond where I stopped.  I then went to the tower in High Cliff State Park and got a few shots of the lake from the top.  There are quite a few shacks on the ice, but I think the majority of people are heading out Friday.

View of Lake Winnebago from High Cliff on 02-10-2011

View of Lake Winnebago from High Cliff on 02-10-2011

I continued to travel along the east side of the lake and took Faro Springs Rd. off of HWY 55 down to the boat landing by Bower’s Shanty and from there took the ice road across the lake to Payne’s Point Hook & Spear Fishing Club.  All of the ice roads I drove on today were smooth and well plowed with the exception of a few tiny rough spots.  Driving off the roads is a little more challenging as the snow is pretty deep in some areas.   (Don’t forget to leave donations for the crews that put so much time and effort into keeping the ice roads plowed!)  The ice by Payne’s Point was pretty busy and I met sturgeon decoy-maker Ron Jansen who was selling his hand-carved, colorful cedar decoys right off of the boat landing.  They’re beautiful decoys!  If you’re interested, you can contact Ron at 920-249-0187.  He said he’ll be there around 2:30pm Friday so stop by and take a look!

Ron Jansen & his hand-carved, cedar decoys by Payne's Point

Ron Jansen & his hand-carved, cedar decoys by Payne's Point

I started to take the south ice road, but didn’t want to go too far so headed back to the north road back to the east shore.  I swung by the Fishtale Inn to find out what sturgeon gear was for sale.  You’ll find sturgeon spearing sweatshirts and hats, pins, pint glasses, plenty of decoys by Vern Gebhart (920.989.1355) and David Koball (Big K Decoys at 920-946-1522), and even some beautiful gaff hooks.

Sturgeon Spearing gear at the Fishtale Inn

Sturgeon Spearing gear at the Fishtale Inn

I caught the sunset at the Calumet County Park boat landing and then headed over to Waverly Beach to grab a bite and join in on the sturgeon talk.  There are plenty of shacks for sale around the lake near the boat landings and also watch for signs advertising services such as hole cutting and plowing if you need a hand.  I’ll have more info and photos after tomorrow, so check back for an update.  The lake should be crazy tomorrow and I’m excited to spend another day out on the ice!

Sun Set on 02-10-2011

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  1. Chris Kulat permalink
    February 10, 2011 11:25 pm

    Great update. We’re scouting tomorrow… Have a great weekend.


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