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Sturgeon Spearing, Opening Day 2011

February 12, 2011
Lake Winnebago on Opening Day of Sturgeon Spearing at 6:20AM

Lake Winnebago on Opening Day of Sturgeon Spearing at 6:20AM

Day 1 of sturgeon spearing has come to a close and day 2 is just hours away!  To read Ron Bruch’s sturgeon spearing report for today, see my last post or click here.  It was a beautiful day out on the lake today with the sun shining for the majority of the day and temperatures in the high 20’s, if not even low 30’s.  Like many, my day began at 5:30 am since I wanted to catch the traffic moving out onto the lake.  I decided to see what the view was like from “above”, so grabbed a few shots from the High Cliff tower.  It turns out that the photos are less impressive than witnessing it personally, but it gives you an idea of how many people are pouring onto the lake around that time.

I followed a similar route as the last few days, but explored a few new areas.  I came across an interesting “shanty” off of Calumet County Park and when I stopped to grab a photo, spearer Dave Pleshek of Kaukauna was just stepping out to take a break.  He invited me into his former garden shed for a look at the very spacious and warm interior where he a a few other guys had 2 holes cut.  The water is 19 feet deep there and the clarity is similar to what I’ve seen on the north shore.  The decoys are just visible at the bottom and the water is quite hazy.  Dave said he has participated in sturgeon spearing seasons since he was 12, but is still waiting for his first sturgeon.  I told him this is his year and he agreed that he has a feeling this might be it.  Good luck to you Dave and thanks for the tour!

Dave Pleshek

I stopped at the Harbor Bar and saw a few sturgeon go through the registration process, then stopped at the Town of Harrison station to get a glimpse of a heavy F4 sturgeon full of eggs.  I got to Waverly by noon expecting there to be a line of sturgeon waiting, but instead saw only a few fish registered and was really disappointed along with the rest of the enormous crowd waiting.  It turns out that I’ve been in the wrong place on opening day this year and last year now.  Last year I spent opening day at Wendt’s on the Lake, but learned that there were more fish including a 212 lb. record-breaking sturgeon on the north end.  Then this year I was on the north end and it turns out numbers were high at Wendt’s and Stockbridge (where I left just an hour earlier).  Guess I can’t win-it’s a shame I can’t just be everywhere at once!   Based on today’s numbers, I would recommend Wendt’s or Harbor Bar for viewing tomorrow, then again things can change.  There was a sturgeon that came into Waverly with a flying-barb spear still lodged in it’s back and it took a few of the DNR guys, duct tape, string, knives, and a saw to finally pull the spear out.  Needless to say it kept the crowd entertained and everyone let out a big cheer when the spear was finally out.  That sturgeon didn’t have a chance to get away.

Waverly Beach Registration Station on Opening Day 2011

Things settled down and I climbed the High Cliff tower one last time to catch the activity across the lake as it began to snow lightly.  Tomorrow I am thinking about driving along the west side of Lake Winnebago and hoping to see more sturgeon than I did today.  I will keep you posted and check back tomorrow for Ron Bruch’s update and my own stories and photographs.  I also recommend visiting Wisconsin  Outdoor Fun online for articles and photos throughout the sturgeon spearing season.  Best of luck to everyone tomorrow and please share photos and stories!

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