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Sturgeon Spearing Day 3, 2011

February 14, 2011
Lake Winnebago on 02-14-2011

Lake Winnebago on 02-14-2011

It may not have been the best day for the ice on the lakes, but it sure was a great day for anyone who got out to enjoy the warm weather!  With the sun shining and temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s, the ice on Lake Winnebago continued to melt throughout the day.  There is water everywhere with inches of water at the boat landings.  For the most part, the ice is still safe to drive on because of the thick layer of ice, but always be careful and watch for dangerous spots and holes as spearers start to move their shacks from the ice.

Sturgeon Spearing Hole in Lake Winnebago

Although I didn’t get a chance to see for myself, there were quite a few good sized sturgeon speared today.  For photos and more information on these sturgeon and the daily totals, see my earlier post from today.  Today I stuck around the north end of the lake and got some photos on the ice since it was such a nice and clear day.  We could see the windmills near Pipe from Firelane 8, which is pretty rare for this time of the year.  I spent some time in my dad’s shack and saw a minnow and 2 shad, but that’s about it.  The hole is filled with tiny plankton (white specks) that are interesting to watch.  And leave it to me to drop something in the hole within the few minutes I spent in the shack–a screw from my tripod dropped and bounced off my boot straight into the hole.  What are the chances.  Thankfully that’s all it was considering I had a camera and video camera hanging over the hole!

Sturgeon Spearing Hole

At 12:30pm his “shack neighbors” came out from their shanty, so I walked over to chat with them and get a few photos.  Rick Verhagen, Dave Kimball, and Gene Adams were spearing together in their shanty and were making burgers inside when I stopped by.  It sounds like they’re having a great time on the ice and have been enjoying spearing for years.  They hadn’t seen any sturgeon this year yet, but saw plenty of shad.  I spent some time chatting with them and they were kind enough to let me photograph their decoy, spear, skimmer, and shack for my “collections”.  Thanks Rick, Dave, and Gene and best of luck spearing!

Spearers Dave Kimball, Rick Verhagen, & Gene Adams

Spearers Dave Kimball, Rick Verhagen, & Gene Adams

I have plenty more photos to post and have to start editing through some of the video that I’ve taken to share.  Check back for updates throughout the rest of the season and more photos as I upload them.  Thanks again to everyone who has been helping me out this season and supporting my project and this blog!

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