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Update from Ron Bruch on Feb. 15, 2011

February 15, 2011

Here is the sturgeon report from Ron Bruch on day 4 of sturgeon spearing.  I was able to get a few photos of the largest fish today and share them with Ron–I will post more in my following report! (This update has been posted with permission from the Wisconsin DNR and Ron Bruch.)

“The overall harvest total for the day was 137 including 6 fish 100 lbs or larger (4.5% of today’s harvest; 6 from Lake Winnebago and 0 from the Upriver Lakes). We could hit the 90% trigger on the Upriver Lakes tomorrow (Wednesday), and hitting the trigger on Lake Winnebago is still a ways off.

The largest fish today was a 156.1pound, 73.3 inch female registered at our Waverly Beach Station by Jason Brauch of Hortonville (Photos attached courtesy of Stephanie Wisnet).

Spearer Jason Brauch and his 156 lb., 73.3" F2 lake sturgeon

Spearer Jason Brauch and his 156 lb., 73.3" F2 lake sturgeon

List of the largest fish registered at each station today is part of the attached daily report.

Totals by lake area and harvest category:

Lake Winnebago: 20 Juvenile Females
41 Adult Females
41 Males
102 Lake Winnebago Total for the Day – 732 total for season

Upriver Lakes: 9 Juvenile Females
9 Adult Females
17 Males
35 Upriver Lakes Total for the Day – 286 total for season

System-Wide: 29 Juvenile Females
50 Adult Females
58 Males
137 System-wide Total for the Day

1018 System-wide Total for the Season

Totals by station in attachment. On Lake Winnebago we need 324 adult females to hit the 90% closure trigger on Lake Winnebago, and on the Upriver Lakes we need 7 adult females to hit the 90% closure trigger on the Upriver Lakes).

Sorry about the late report today – I’m out of town at a meeting and doing this from a remote location.

Till tomorrow…..”

Ronald M. Bruch, PhD
Upper Fox-Wolf Fisheries Work Unit Supervisor, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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