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Careful on the ice today!!

February 19, 2011

Update:  3 vehicles have fallen in the ice, click here for the in-progress update from Fox 11:  “At least three vehicles fall into lake

I am on my way out to Lake Winnebago to photograph today, but have heard reports that vehicles have gotten stuck and/or  have fallen through the ice on the north end of the lake, though I can’t confirm this and don’t have any details at the moment.  My dad went out this morning to head to his shack, but couldn’t get onto the ice because of the incidents-firetrucks and ThedaStar were down by the lake.  I just want to remind everyone to be extremely careful!  With the warm then windy and cold weather we’ve had in the last few days, the ice has weak spots and may not be safe in some areas.  Please pass the word on to your friends and family as even the ice roads could be dangerous.  I don’t think I will be photographing on the ice as of right now, so I will be sticking to the shore and registration stations.

Here is an article in the Post Crescent about an incident on Friday:  “Truck gets stuck in Lake Winnebago ice

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