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Ice Condition Update

January 30, 2012
Lake Winnebago from Firelane 8 on 01.29.2012

Lake Winnebago from Firelane 8 on 01.29.2012

Less than two weeks until the 2012 sturgeon spearing season!  I stopped by Waverly Beach and Firelane 8 on Sunday afternoon to check out the lake and see if there was any action, but I didn’t find too much by the time I got there.  There were a few four-wheelers here and there, vehicles driving along the shoreline, and a couple shacks out on the lake.  I imagine it will be a lot busier next weekend as everyone prepares for the spearing season.

We’ve had a few cold days, but the big question still remains:  will there be enough ice for sturgeon spearing?  I’ve heard a lot of different things and there are concerns about ice shoves, rough ice, open water, and of course thin ice.  According to a recent articles on and, the ice thickness varies around the lakes.  It’s still not safe to travel in many places on the ice with larger vehicles, but will hopefully be safe enough to travel with all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles by the opening day of the spearing season.  I’ve also been watching comments on a few of the sturgeon spearing Facebook groups (Winnebago Fishing, Sturgeon Spearing, Sturgeon for Tomorrow, Inc.) and many are finding 12″ of ice in some spots, but then 5″ or more in other areas.  Please be safe and extremely cautious on the ice!  For more info, read “Cold snap could save sturgeon spearing season” on and also see today’s article “Ice on Lake Winnebago thick enough for fisheree, sturgeon season” at The Northwestern online.  Despite the questionable ice conditions, the season will go on and a record number of spears (12,680) purchased licenses for the 2012 season!  Please leave a comment if you have any info about the ice condition in your area!

Don’t forget to join your local Sturgeon for Tomorrow chapter for the annual banquet!  The SFT Northern Half Chapter will hold its banquet at the Darboy Club on February 4th.  Call Wayne Hoelzel at 920.725.1206 for tickets.

I will try to get more info and photos of the lake up this week, so stay tuned!

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