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Sturgeon Spearing Update from Ron Bruch on February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

The following update has been posted with permission from Ron Bruch and the Wisconsin DNR. This website is not affiliated with the DNR, Sturgeon for Tomorrow, or any other organization.

“Winnebago Sturgeon Spearing Report – Thursday February 23, 2012

Only three fish today lakewide, but possibly could have been four if I had a little more luck and possibly been quicker on the draw. Yes – I actually went spearing today, sitting with Paul and later Stuart Muche, and with our DNR Regional Director Jean Romback-Bartels out of Green Bay. We saw a number of shad, 1 walleye, and at one point in the morning I saw a dark shadow rise up from the abyss under the decoy, but as quickly it came into view, it disappeared back down out of view. Was it a sturgeon? I think so, but there was nothing left to throw a spear at. It was kind of like when you are deer hunting and you think you see a deer, but then you don’t, but in the end it turns up that it really was a deer. The only difference here is that we never got another look. That’s sturgeon spearing. This is probably the only day I’ll be able to get out this year…but I am anxiously looking forward to my next opportunity; maybe next year, as long as I remember to buy my license, right Paul?

Looking for “Redworms”……There is some tavern talk on fire on the east shore fanning a rumor that it is not legal to collect samples looking for lakefly or “redworm” beds while scouting your sturgeon spearing spot. This is not true. You can look for worm beds as part of your scouting. Most of the sturgeon in the lake are likely on these beds this year due to the lack of gizzard shad. Unfortunately for the spearers this means most of the fish are going to be in water too deep to get a look at the fish down a spearing hole – most of the worm beds are water depths greater than 12 feet and visibility is at best around 10 feet or so.

Today’s totals:

Sturgeon Spearing Harvest Totals for February 23, 2012Big Fish Today: 100.7pound, 76.2 inch, F6 female speared by Robert Schoenberger of Oshkosh, WI registered at Jerry’s Bar, Oshkosh.

Sturgeon Vignette ……..”Sturgeon for Tomorrow”

As I mentioned yesterday, our Winnebago System lake sturgeon fishery is one of the best managed and sustainable sturgeon fisheries in the world. One of the reasons for this is because of the numerous and varied positive contributions to the sturgeon program made since 1977 by the largest citizens sturgeon advocacy group in the world, Sturgeon for Tomorrow. SFT is a home-grown sturgeon conservation organization originating right here on Lake Winnebago, but is known amongst sturgeon people around the globe for its sturgeon philanthropy. Read today’s Vignette to see what SFT is all about and to find out how to get tickets to the 2 banquets remaining on their 2012 schedule.

Till Tomorrow,

Ronald M. Bruch, PhD
Upper Fox-Wolf Fisheries Work Unit Supervisor, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources”


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