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WI Sturgeon News & Updates

September 20, 2012

The summer heat has subsided and it’s time to enjoy the cooler fall weather!  I think the temperature drop already has Wisconsinites thinking about sturgeon spearing as traffic to the blog is already picking up.  I don’t have too much for the time being, but have started updating pages for the 2013 season with the little information I have so far (more to come!):  Sturgeon Spearing

I posted info from the DNR on the 2012 season in case you haven’t seen it yet:

2012 Sturgeon Spearing Season Stats:
Season: February 11-Sunday, February 26
2012 Sturgeon Harvest Totals by County and State
2012 List of Successful Sturgeon Spearers
2012 Harvested Sturgeon Totals
2012 Post-Season Synopsis
Lake Winnebago Sturgeon Spearing Stats 1941-2012
Upriver Lakes Sturgeon Spearing Stats 1952-2012

Events & News:

  • The 2012 sturgeon hook-and-line season opened September 1st and will last through September 30th on select waters in Wisconsin–click here to learn more.
  • Sturgeon for Tomorrow Banquets will be coming up in the months of December and January, so check back for dates.
  • Sturgeon Fest in Thiensville, WI is just around the corner.  I went a few years ago to witness the sturgeon release and it’s really worth the trip.  On Saturday, October 6th Riveredge Nature Center will host their 7th Annual Sturgeon Fest which includes a release of thousands of sturgeon fingerlings.  The sturgeon can fit in the palm of your hand and they are quite adorable…yes, adorable despite what you might think.  I definitely encourage everyone to witness it at least once!  Click here for more information on Sturgeon Fest 2012
  • And most importantly…don’t forget to purchase your sturgeon spearing license for 2013 by October 31st–click here for more info! The 2013 season will begin on Saturday, February 9th.
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  1. Alex Zacarias permalink
    September 20, 2012 9:06 am

    Thank you very much for the update I will forward your blog post! Here’s an update on the STURGEON MOON documentary project By making a pledge and supporting this documentary film, you are becoming a community film producer. Crowdfunding is a beautiful reflection of the collective spirit of this film. Hear what community producers are saying!

    Anna Steinfest

    Alex, is Emmy Award Winning Producer/Director! This piece is a beautiful reflection. Check it out!

    Sherrole Benton

    Here’s an exciting opportunity to get your name in the film credits of this documentary movie. Like the Menominee people, the Oneida people have been deprived of fish on our rez when the man built all the locks and damns on the rivers.

    Glen Tilot

    Interestingly enough, I’m facilitating Leadership Green Bay Opening Retreat this morning at the Menominee Resort & Casino. Great timing! Good work as usual. One of the members of this years class is Menominee and his 100 year old grandmother is the last 100% native Menominee left. Great work as usual.

    Roxann Nys

    Good luck with this important documentary!

    Michael Stearney

    I gladly support a project that incorporates so many interests of mine: environmental protection, Native American tradition, and independent filmmaking!

    Michael D Troyer

    You are gifted at conceiving and creating and this story will reflect all of that and more.

    Zac Milton

    Great cause.

    Raul Mendoza Ayala

    This is a great cause and beautiful film!

    Andrea Kampic

    Having spent many summers in Sturgeon Bay, I want to be sure the namesake survives.

    Tim Meyer

    I continue to be impressed by you working tirelessly for such worthy causes.

    Linda Doro

    good luck. Trailer was very well done.

    Kevin Brennan

    Good luck Alex, you do great work!

    Erin Davisson

    Best wishes looking forward to the finished product!

    Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 14:10:40 +0000 To:

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