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18 Days Until the 2013 Sturgeon Spearing Season Opens!

January 22, 2013
Lake Winnebago from Firelane 8 on January 19, 2013

Lake Winnebago from Firelane 8 on January 19, 2013

Well it looks like we got the cold weather that every sturgeon spearer has been hoping for!  Today we’re expecting a high of 0 degrees here in Wisconsin and let me tell you, it’s cold.  Really, really cold.

Forecast, Week of January 20

This week we’ll definitely see the ice continue to grow, but be cautious if you’re out on the lake.  I’ve heard various reports of inconsistent ice and recently the wind has pushed the ice around, forming cracks and shoves.  According to the FDL reporter, a large crack opened up on the west shore of Lake Winnebago due to high winds:

You’ll also find large shoves on the Lake Winnebago’s east shoreline and some along the north shoreline as well.  Always be on the lookout for open water as the ice is unpredictable and inconsistent.  Many of you may have heard that an all-terrain vehicle sunk near High Cliff State Park – please keep the family of Chad Davis in your thoughts.  For more information, visit  A fisherman was also left stranded on Lake Winnebago when ice shifted over the weekend:  Also take a look at these crazy photos of the ice moving onto land on the east shore:

I will try to keep you posted as I learn more about the ice conditions, season, and more!  I know I’ve been a little behind on posting to the blog so join Winnebago Lake Sturgeon on Facebook to get the best updates!  With all this smartphone technology, I’ll also finally be able to post live photos and updates to Facebook from the lake and weigh stations during the season!

And last, but not least, check out the 2013 Sturgeon Spearing Regulations if you haven’t already done so.  18 days to go!!

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