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11 Days Until the 2014 Sturgeon Spearing Season Begins!

January 28, 2014
The following update has been posted with permission from the Wisconsin DNR. This website is not affiliated with the DNR, Ryan Koenigs, Sturgeon for Tomorrow, or any other organization.
Sturgeon spearing update from Ryan Koenigs (Fisheries Biologist) on January 27, 2014:
“Dear Winnebago System Sturgeon Spearing Enthusiasts:
The 2014 Sturgeon Spearing Season on the Winnebago System is less than 2 weeks away, and excitement is high for what could be a very successful season.  As of January 9, we had 12-14 feet of visibility throughout Lake Winnebago and many anglers are reporting that visibility has improved since then.  We will likely get out later this week to determine clarity again and I will be sure to send out an update after the survey is complete.  
The purpose of this email though, is to inform people of an online sturgeon chat that is taking place tomorrow (Tuesday January 28).  DNR sturgeon experts Ryan Koenigs, Ron Bruch, and Kendall Kamke along with Conservation Warden Supervisor April Dombrowski will be on hand to answer all your questions about sturgeon. The chat begins at 12 noon and you can join the conversation by going to the DNR website and clicking on the chat graphic, or by visiting the DNR Facebook Page and clicking the “Cover it Live Chat” graphic on the top.”
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