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Lake Sturgeon

Lake Sturgeon in the Winnebago Lake System

Lake sturgeon are a prehistoric species of sturgeon (there are 27 species worldwide) and thrive in Wisconsin’s Winnebago lake system including Lake Winnebago, Poygan, Winneconne, and Butte des Morts.  They are bottom dwellers and have some shark-like features including scaleless skin.  To learn more, read this excerpt from “People of the Sturgeon” and watch this short video clip.

Sturgeon Spearing on the Winnebago Lake System

Sturgeon spearing  is an 79-year-old tradition held on Wisconsin’s Winnebago lake system every February.  The season begins on the second Saturday in February and lasts until the harvest cap of sturgeon is met for that season or until the scheduled cut-off date (whichever comes first).  The harvest cap varies by season and a license and tag are required to participate in each season.  For more info, read the annual 2013 Sturgeon Spearing Regulations and “History of the Lake Winnebago Sturgeon Fishery” both distributed by the Wisconsin DNR.

Lake Winnebago

Lake Winnebago is located in Wisconsin and is the largest inland lake in the state at 131,939 acres.  Winnebago is a fairly shallow lake, only reaching depths of 21 feet and is home to a thriving population of lake sturgeon.

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